Yoga for Pregnancy

YOGA FOR PREGNANCY There is a lot to learn about Pregnancy sickness and it is considered more psychological than physical. Medical Problems are observed on and off throughout the period of pregnancy. All these troubles can be handled scientifically. VINYAS Yoga suggests specific practice at each and every trimester, with which the pregnant woman can […]

Yoga for Children

YOGA FOR CHILDREN ATTEMPT TO STUDY THE REDUCTION IN THEIR ANXIETY LEVELS Stress is universally found in all age groups of the society, especially in children. Often anxious children end up learning to avoid and escape the challenges of life through isolation, skipping school, joining “fringe” groups, thrill seeking, rejecting socially responsible behavior or using […]

Anima Yoga

ANIMA YOGA Women are basically the power behind the functioning of any system. It is she who innovates, establish and culture emotive creations from within. It is she who helps in severing the demonic qualities and helps to get a rebirth of a new individual. We thus worship her for her various traits innate. VINYAS […]

Parental Yoga

PARENTAL YOGA Here is an opportunity to do Yoga with your kids! VINYAS Yoga offers a session where Mom and Baby or the Dad and Baby shall perform aasanas in a playful way and enjoy time together. Through these sessions kids get accustomed to such physical workout and evidently to such traditional practice. Parents feel […]