Labor Management

LABOR MANAGEMENT One who knows how and when to marshal and decentralise work, accomplishes the goal.. Factories run losses on account of weak productivity in quality and quantity. It is conspicuous that there is deformity in the lower level. Either the workers are inefficient or they are not properly being tapped. In both the cases, […]

Job Stress Management

JOB STRESS MANAGEMENT A meticulous study on the nature of occupational stress of journalists was done, keeping in mind their erratic work hours and on-the-go lifestyles, and an approporiate Yoga program was put in place. The Yoga program designed was a scientific package which dealt with the physical problems, mental problems, emotional problems, and the […]

Personality Development

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Guidance free form compulsion is what every child prefers to. Unfortunately it so happens that the direction given is constantly in the form of order or a forceful demand . Hence they feel that their independence and individuality is lost due to the commanding attitude of their parents and elders. VINYAS organises such […]