A meticulous study on the nature of occupational stress of journalists was done, keeping in mind their erratic work hours and on-the-go lifestyles, and an approporiate Yoga program was put in place. The Yoga program designed was a scientific package which dealt with the physical problems, mental problems, emotional problems, and the necessary social problems.

We named the program SMEET, Stress Management and Efficiency Enhancement Program. SMEET Intervention was given to the Dainik Bhaskar (Gwalior) reporters for 21 days. The data was taken before and after SMEET practice to find the changes in the above mentioned assessments. To everyone’s credence, the results were very positive. The results were put into statistical analysis, which were found exceedingly significant. Singh Personal Stress Source Inventory (SPSSI) was used to measure the stress. It was found that there was a decrease in the stress level by 16.37%. Frustration is the emotion which expels out when fear or insecurity is in the mind. This is the root cause of all kinds of negative thoughts. Hence it is essential to scrutinize the frustration scale among the reporters.