Anxiety, Neurosis and Depression

ANXIETY NEUROSIS AND DEPRESSION Nuclear families, job stress, lack of social circle has resulted in people suffering from Anxiety Neurosis and Depression. The basic problem with people who are suffering from Anxiety, Neurosis and Depression are that in most of the cases they are unaware of their problem. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one such […]

Bronchial Asthma

BRONCHIAL ASTHMA We often find today’s youth living on inhalers. Rather than working on the cause, they find an easy solution to their problems with medicines. Bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis are very common ailments mostly among the city dwellers cause sometimes genetically but predominantly due to the increase in the pollution levels. They resort to […]

Pain Management

PAIN MANAGEMENT Diagnosing the real cause of the pain and alternatively healing through a holistic yoga module is how Vinyas Yoga Studio manages the various chronic pain related issues. Not only managing the pain, but also improving the quality of life of their clients is what VINYAS relentlessly works for. They therapeutically deal with people […]

Women Disorders

WOMEN DISORDERS A modern day woman is at par with man. She does not want to be pulled back due to any sort of gender weakness. This unknowingly develops stress in them which further leads to hormonal imbalances. A large number of young women and girls suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS), infertility issues, uterine fibroids, […]


OBESITY Again a boon of the modern lifestyle disorder where body weight abnormally increases resulting in obesity related disorders. Lack of proper sleep and binging on fast food has become the greatest problem of the youth. Obesity is in itself a cause to different physical disorders like sleep apnea(snoring), diabetes, back pain, heart problems, etc. […]

Hyperacidity and Gastro-Intestinal Discorders

HYPERACIDITY AND GASTRO-INTESTINAL DISORDERS A very common modern day lifestyle disorder is hyperacidity and acid reflux. Lack of physical exercise and cut-throat competition has risen the stress and anxiety of the modern person. Lack of emotional support is also one of the major drawbacks of the nuclear family systems in modern times. Here too, Yogic […]

Hypertension and Cardiac Problems

HYPERTENSION AND CARDIAC PROBLEMS In this era, we are all running towards a never-ending darkness of materialism and consumerism. Job targets, expectations from the near ones, etc. is leading us to an unhealthy future. Due to these lifestyle disorders, hypertension has become a very common ailment which further leads to chronic heart disease. Vinyas yoga […]

Diabetes Mellitus

DIABETES MELLITUS Long term sluggishness of the digestive process due to dietary abuse, overeating, obesity, lack of exercise – all these factors lead to Type II Diabetes. Sedentary lifestyle and junk food is also the causative factors of Diabetes. Other than these, “stress” is also one of the modern lifestyle disease which gives birth to […]

Hyperthyrodism and Hypothyrodism

HYRPERTHYROIDISM AND HYPOTHYROIDISM Owing to the increase in stress and anxiety, issues related to rapid weight gain or sudden weight loss, skin problems and menstrual problems in women is predominant. They are mostly due to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Here proper diagnosis is needed. The experts Dr. Lalitha Gaurav and Gaurav Jain through their immense knowledge […]