A modern day woman is at par with man. She does not want to be pulled back due to any sort of gender weakness. This unknowingly develops stress in them which further leads to hormonal imbalances. A large number of young women and girls suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS), infertility issues, uterine fibroids, excessive body hair, etc. Modern medicines provide hormone replacement therapy which has a lot of unhealthy side-effects. It has been time and again proved, that yoga does wonders in these cases. Vinyas yoga studio has been working very scientifically on both the psyche and the body of their women clients. Infertility issue have been successfully dealt by them through yogic asanas and pranayama techniques. Even menopause and perimenopausal issues are treated here. And in almost all the cases, the cause behind these issues are successfully eliminated providing a complete cure for these issues. Meditation techniques have also shown excellent results.