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About the Founders

Dr. Lalitha Gaurav is a Ph.D. MSc in Yogic Sciences and has a teaching experience of 14 years. She was an Asst. Professor at Lakshmibai National Institute Of Physical Education for the last 8 years. Mr. Gaurav Jain an MA in Yoga and holds a diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy. He has a vast knowledge of 27 yrs in the field of Yoga Therapy. It is through their experience of Yoga Therapy and their very amiable nature, both of them have helped innumerable participants to come out of their sickness and clinical symptoms who still continue to be members of the Vinyas family. The ambiance of the studio and the positivity of the two Gurus create an aura of complete wellbeing when one enters the doors of Vinyas Yoga Studio.

The Two States Yoga Connection

Love is an unbounded, untamed emotion that can unite two souls surpassing ages, times, and boundaries. When Cupid strikes, you are transcended into an ethereal world, which transforms one into a completely different being- one who is mature and responsible. Probably, such happened when Mr. Gaurav Jain and Dr Lalitha Gaurav met each other years ago. 

What makes this pair unique is their origin. Dr Lalitha hails from a Tamil Brahmin family, whereas Mr. Gaurav Jain is a typical North Indian from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. So, when dosa sambhar and dal roti are served together, the palate is gorgeous, sumptuous, and appetizing. 

How these two completely different cultures met, fell in love, and then finally married for the past 15 years, stands as the epitome of our Indian culture, which says about “Unity in Diversity”. They met at a place where both their interests and motto of life rests- the yogic institute of VYASA, Bengaluru. Mr. Gaurav Jain by that time was an adept Yoga instructor and Dr Lalitha was an M.Sc student in VYASA.

Who can stop such a communion when the ultimate goal of life is the same? In spite of several hardships and cultural differences, they are today dedicatedly serving several lives together through YOGA. Their abode Vinyas Yoga Studio, in Gwalior, is relentlessly working towards a healthy and blissful nation, which is bound to happen when a Karma Yogi meets a Gyan Yogi.

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VYASA, Bengaluru

Vinyas Yoga Studio has got the Affiliation from Vyasa, Bengaluru through which YIC (Yoga Instructor Courses) are conducted thus having trained around a score of pupils to be Yoga Teachers.

Indian Yoga Association

Vinyas is affiliated Indian Yoga Association, a certification body registered with AYUSH, Govt of India. We are also recognized as an Associate Centre under IYA.

Asian Yoga Therapy Association

Recognized as an Institute Member with Asian Yoga Therapy Association. Their mission is to collaborate yoga therapy professionals and institutions across Asian subcontinent.

Our Gurus

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the divine Guru who gave the life lessons of real spirituality, simplicity, ecstatic states of Bhakti guides our path at every step. Ma Sharada, the Divine energy of quietude, and Swami Vivekananda, the powerhouse of wisdom and dynamism are our Spiritual Masters.
The Kanchi Math Saint Sri Mahaperiyava, Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal is our Spiritual Guru. 

Our Gurus are Dr. H R Nagendra, Chancellor, sVYASA University who is one among the pioneers of Yoga Therapy and a great scientist who brought the best of the west, the Science, and culminated it with the best of East,
Dr. R Nagaratna who is revered as the Mother of modern Yoga Therapy.